I Just Took it Personally

I don’t think I’m special, so don’t fucking treat me like I am if you dislike it you dumb fuck. I asked you to stop repeating yourself how many fucking times.

Other day boss accuses me of stealing, I disagree and stay calm, boss gets angry and says that’s proof I’m lying, I do not comprehend so I blurt out the massive amounts of drugs I am on with a smile (having recently been to the ER). I pretty much rant about how I don’t give a shit what he does and I am “highly aware of the situation and consequences” (which he obviously cannot understand). I still have a job, my boss has no backbone in his own beliefs & threats, and we no longer share a level of respect for each other; I simply don’t.

On another note, we got better shit to worry about anyways. Stopping by and catching up with Danny to see how things are going and getting ready to push 100% for awhile, lets do this mother fucker.

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