Introduction to Opaque Logic

i write and revise most of the web content for uc. i am intrigued with the thought process of going from one thing to another, writing & conceptual drawing in particular. it is the quickest way to express a vision and many might agree that trying to capture that thought may seem harder than it seems. halfway through the process that spark quickly burns out, the feels fade, and you are left only clues to a broken enigma; these are those thoughts in style.

there seems to be this mental firewall that allows you to observe the images in your neural network, but saving them to the real world, now that is the challenge we face. we’ll sit through sessions letting opposing sides of our brain go at it, marking footnotes for ourselves, and fully understand what it is we are setting out to do for whatever it is.

when i was younger i didn’t share much of my writing. i assume it was a lack of confidence in the material and experience. the thought of words being written down made me uneasy as i felt my opinions would be set in stone. i was naive, open minded, and found it easy to step into shoes of an argument from any angle; that’s what made it so hard. every time i wanted to be a strong opinionated writer like you were taught, i found myself editing and shifting towards the other side balancing out facts because i felt bad. that isn’t expressing yourself, your’re just trying to look good and stay safe. you’re writing what they hope to read because they can’t put it into words themselves. after all this time i still know how to write and the thoughts come out more fluidly. now, there is a purpose beneath the words, depth to the story, life in the text.

i have never written professionally before and decided to pursue it only recently. a decade since my last english class and i’ve had experiences that have exponentially increased since than. i am more concerned about capturing those important feelings and opinions the way i want them to be felt, rather than give a fuck about whats grammatically correct. here’s to an official start.

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